Hiring a Green Business

There are enough obstacles on the green path to cause even the best intentioned to stumble and get off track. Fortunately, trouble finding a professional and knowledgeable green contractor need not be one of them. We want to help you make your green project go as smoothly as possible and finding the right pro is the essential element. We hope the basic principles in this article will improve the quality of your project experience and outcome.

For starters, GreenProDirectory.com provides a comprehensive resource center for green living,  full of educational tools that can help you successfully plan and implement your green project. There is also a green forum where you can ask a green professional questions you may have. Finally, the directory contains green pros that can help you with practically any green project you can imagine. You may find that there are many green pros to choose from and making a decision can be confusing, if not daunting. Utilize the following principles to narrow your search for a green pro that best suits your needs.

  1. Compare: There are a host of “green” certifications out there. It takes some skill to know which ones mean something. The certification your pro should have will depend on the job in question. This is something we are working to provide further assistance on in the near future. Currently, you can view a company’s certifications, project profiles, client references, description and answer to the question “What makes you green?” in the directory. Comparing this information should offer an excellent first or second stage filter to narrow down your selection to the best pros in your area. The directory listings also can include a link to the company’s website. This is another easy way to find more detail about a specific company or pro.
  2. Contact: Once you’ve narrowed your list based on the above two steps, contact your prospective green businesses through the directory. The information you ask for will vary depending on the job, but consider the following:
    1. Previous Client References
    2. Tenure of Business
    3. Credentials and Qualifications
    4. Licenses (if applicable)
    5. Insurance (if applicable)
  3. Quote: Request a quote from each pro that meets your criteria. If the project is large scale, meet face to face with the pros you are considering to make sure you can communicate well with each other.
  4. Contract: Ask for a formal written agreement. This is the best way to make sure that all parties are on the same page, expectations are clearly understood, and everyone agrees on the terms.
  5. Enjoy: Appreciate a green job well done!

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